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Our brewery

Distelhausen and its brewery

With 147 employees, the Distelhäuser Brewery in northern Baden-Wuerttemberg´s idyllic Tauber valley is a medium-sized brewery on the German beer atlas.

To ensure the unique quality of our beers, only the best ingredients are used. The barley and wheat we use comes from the Tauber valley region, of course. And the brewing water for our beer is taken from our very own wells.

Our distribution area covers a geographical radius extending through the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria (Franconia) and Hesse. At present, more than 21 different beer specialities are produced in Distelhausen in accordance with traditional and regional brewing methods.

The Distelhäuser Brewery is a member of the “Independent Brewers”, an association of leading and independent private breweries. You can find out more about the Independent Brewers at www.die-freien-brauer.com.