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Our beers taste like home

It is not easy to be successful nowadays. But as a medium-sized and regional brewery, we are proud not only of our success, but primarily of the reason for our success: the quality of our beers. This quality needs much more than just modern brewing technology – it is the result of our region, its people, its traditions and its natural resources.

This is why we have made the conscious decision to keep many things the way they have always been. For us, this means giving our all – for traditional beer delicacies, for satisfied customers, for an unspoilt environment and for a strong region.



One idea - and pleasure lasting more than 140 years

The Distelhäuser Brewery has been in the hands of the Bauer family since 1876. This represents a long tradition as a family brewery and an obligation on our part to uphold this tradition and also sustain the economic success of the brewery – not least for the people who matter to us: our employees.

But we don’t do this by simply bowing to every modern trend and seeking success in quicker and cheaper production processes. Quite the opposite: We stick to the principles of our traditional and trusted recipes and brewing methods. At the same time, we do of course integrate new technology and automated steps into our operating processes – as long as we don’t have to compromise the quality and regional character of our beers.

Each Distelhäuser is a real beer delicacy from our region. From the ingredients to the recipe and our responsibility for our homeland.

This is how it should and will always be. You have our word!

Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Unspoilt nature is our most important resource

Our beer is brewed using only the best natural ingredients, which are sourced mainly from the local region. That alone makes us feel we have a very special obligation to protect the environment. We have made some major investments to ensure the highest level of environment protection in all stages of producing and distributing our beers.
For example, when the wort is cooled in the brewery, the energy released is recycled almost completely and reused to generate hot water. The bottles we use for our beer are, almost exclusively, environmentally friendly returnable bottles and with our distribution fleet, we make sure that all the vehicles always meet the highest environmental standards. 

We pursue environmental protection not only out of a sense of responsibility, but also because it is an integral part of our brewing and quality philosophy.

Regional products

Regional products

Our homeland is our beer

At Distelhäuser Brewery, we consider it an obvious choice to support the sustainable regional economy in Tauber Franconia.

The long-term, trusting and fair collaboration with our business partners in local trade and catering as well as the close ties with our regional suppliers from agriculture, industry and services are proof of this.

Everyone profits from the quality of these relationships and that of our beer: The high customer satisfaction and the enthusiasm of our customers and employees for our beer is testimony to this. And satisfied customers come from having satisfied and motivated employees. For over 50 years they have been considered fellow entrepreneurs, due to the fact that our brewery introduced an employee profit-sharing scheme as early as 1956.

For us, the bond with our homeland and the people here also means commitment to the region. This is why for many years now we have supported cultural and close-to-nature projects out of conviction. At Distelhäuser, we consider the creation of value to go hand-in-hand with respect.