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  • Distel blonde Unser Distel Blond: immer eine Versuchung wert

Our Distel blonde: Always a temptation

Unser Distel Blond: immer eine Versuchung wert

Crisp, light and particularly mild, our Distel blonde will surprise you with pleasantly subtle fruit aromas. Thanks to the so-called “dry hopping”, the essential oils are released from the hops and give this beer its citrus and fruit undertones.


International DLG quality awards: 2016 Gold, 2015 Gold, 2014 Gold 2016 Gold 2015 Gold 2014 Gold

European Beer Star: 2013 Silver 2013 Silver

Product attributes:
Original wort: 12.5 %
Alcohol content: 5.1 % vol
Bittering units: 35
Calorific value: 44 kcal/184 kJ per 100 ml

Ingredients used:
Brewing water, malted barley, wheat malt, yeast

Hop varieties used:
Citra, Cascade, Smaragd, Saphir and Perle 

Brewing method:

Container sizes:
Crate: 24 x 0.33 l 
6-pack: 0.33 l